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Privacy Policy

Here in the Private Policy page terms including “we”, “us”, “our” and “” means the website Collectively the terms “website”, “SMS”, “WAP”, “Telephone search” or other medium through which provides services is termed as “media”.

1. Gives N is committed to protect confidentiality and privacy of all personal data you will share as user of the site. The Personal Information of users are used for three basic reasons-

a. For customization of the content to make it user friendly.

b. For fulfillment of the request done by users.

c. For further contact about our services to users.

2. Users may have to inform about their name, residential address, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, work place address, educational qualifications, email ID, DOB, and so on as “Personal Information”. On the basis of this information can offer best search results to users. These data helps us in market research a lot.

3. We can guarantee our users about the confidentiality of all the data shared to us and can vouch that these data will not be shared or published in other media. Our policy can assure you trust.

4. The policy is not applicable to certain practices of companies and organizations that we do not own and even to people who are not employed in our company.

5. The confidential “Personal Information” that is shared with us is strictly used for market research, client analysis and strategy planning. We do not rent or sell any personal information until and unless you are our client of our search services through any media. Your consent will be taken if the personal information is shared with our subscribers/ advertisers. The subscribers and advertisers may call you based on your query that you asked us.

6. Gives N will offer you access to modify your account any time. During editing, you are free to give your consent whether we can contact you regarding our new offers, deals and services.

7. For the sake of security and privacy, we will take certain steps to verify before granting you the access to change the account details.

8. It can be possible that we have signed a contract with you for confidentiality and non disclosure matter, in case you are our corporate client. The policy will never be hampered because of such a contract.

9. You must put the “personal information” voluntarily. You will never being asked to give the personal data without your consent. Therefore, you must acknowledge the disclosure of your “personal information” voluntarily. Being a website user, you must be aware of the fact that improper and incomplete information can violate the complete registration process. You will have to give correct information for a quicker registration with us.

If you have any concerns or query about the Privacy Policies then contact us.